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My collection on optical items will be liquidated and the items will be sold. The collection consists of the following subjects: books, graphics and objects. The books, as well as the graphics and the objects have one common denominator: the optical field (the eye and optical appliances). My age, as well as, a lack of interested successors are the reasons.

The books know some categories: physics, medical, instruments and books on specs. There is also a partitioning in languages (English, French, German, Dutch and the other languages). Besides that there is a division between modern and antique books. This separation is strictly arbitrary and has to do with the year I started collecting, the year I took over from my father (1968). A lot of modern books have been used for the studies as optician and later optometrist, there are also modern books about the law and management.

The graphics have the same subjects. A lot of anatomy/medical engravings, comics,physics, optical shops, opticians, ophthalmologists, binoculars, instruments and so on.

The objects have the strongest impact and are very divers. Spectacles, cases, lenses, trial boxes, ophthalmometers. Real Eastern specs are from before the time that the Peoples Republic of China was an open society.

Orders can be placed through this website. Orders will be checked and missing items will be reported to the buyer. Orders will be reserved for the buyer as soon as they come in. An invoice, with costs of transport, will be made and sent. Orders with a value of more than € 350.00 ($ 400.00) will be sent by means of registered mail. The buyer is requested to pay by bank transfer or paypall. After we have received the money, the goods will be dispatched.

The website is in Dutch, but for a serious collector this will not be a problem, especially with a photograph alongside the verbal description.

For opening an image in a lager format please click it once with the left mouse button. It will then open in a new browser window. To return to the website just close this new browser window by clicking on the x.

Kees Kortland